Just a few days ago the new single “Can´t Do It” was released. This is a song written for the artist Felicia V, an artist I have collaborated with for a really long time now, I think we met 8 years ago…! So this is Felicia´s third single. First we released the single “Fighters”, then “Boomerang” and now this song. With “Can´t Do It” we tried another kind of song and sound for Felicia with a story more soft and honestly than ever.

Do you ever feel like you loose yourself?

All songs I´ve written for Felicia and all artists I´ve been working with always reflects their story, of course they do since that´s my niche to write customized songs ? but of course they also bring me into the story since I work with the song and the lyrics. This song is about how you can end up feeling like you just can´t do something, maybe you feel there´s something you can´t fix. I think we all experience this in our lives sometimes. I know for sure I do. For me it can be about work, maybe I feel that I´m not good enough sometimes or that I´m confused which way to go.

Under a period Felicia had felt that she listened too much to what everybody else thought. What they thought she should do, feel or think. She felt that she lost herself and didn´t know what she wanted. We talked a lot about this during the time this song was written and now it has becomed her third released single of which we are very proud to present.

Be honest.

We both think it´s important to be honest to yourself – always. You will never be true to yourself and be able to set the right goals if you don´t know what you really want from life. What other people think is not your thoughts, it´s theirs. I think many of us struggles with these kind of thoughts, to be good enough, to create a perfect career or just be a perfect friend or wife or something else for someone or something else. And then we go like crazy about it in our minds.
But in the end there is so much that really doesn´t matter – it´s all about feeling lucky inside yourself, in your mind and in your heart, and surround yourself with people that wants to support you.
That´s what “Can´t Do It” is all about.

Hope you all will love this song and make the story to something you can relate to. There isn´t any rules what a song should mean for others, that´s the magic with music – it means different things for different people. As long as this song makes you feel, you will make us feel lucky that we created this song.