Today is the release day of the single “Boomerang” with Felicia V!

Boomerang is written and produced by me with Fredo as executive producer.
Sometimes I wonder what I should do without him and his ears.

Boomerang is mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cuttingroom and Fredo has produced the cover art with a really nice photo that Felicia´s mom Jessica took.
So we have all worked as a team to do yet another release of a single from Young Music Sweden!

I´m so glad this song finally will be out, it has been quite a intensive period of mixing and producing as always.

I think I´ll never gonna be able to do it quicker actually ? Even if I try – it takes it´s time – every time ?
Honestly I also wanna give the song it´s time to develop. Otherwise it will never reach it´s peak.

I´m really looking forward to see how “the people” will feel about this song.

When Felicia released her first single I remember I was really nervous about just everything. What if the file should be the wrong one when I uploaded the song and what if no one should like it???

I didn´t have to worry, Fighter has already reached over 100 000 streams.
More than we hoped for.

Hope this single will go even further of course!

So maybe you think I´m like on a holiday now after a period of hard work but no, no rest for me.
Already on monday it´s time for the next single to start it´s journey.

During spring there will be more singles released, looking forward to it!

Hope you like Boomerang!!

Please don´t hesitate to let me know what you think, good or bad and if you have some other questions about me or Young Music Sweden use the contact form on this site and send me a message or write a comment!

Talk to you soon!